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June 09, 2017

Some of the Best Phone Apps

There are so many apps for phones out there today that it is hard to know which ones to use, especially when there are multiple that do the exact same thing. There are a few apps that I love to use that I want to share with you guys because they have been so helpful and fun in my life. Like most people I am pretty stubborn when it comes to paying for apps on my phone…..mainly because I have been locked out of my Itunes account for about five years…..!  So most of the apps I am going to share with you are free, or no more than two dollars. Of course I am a frequent user of Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter but everyone knows and uses those. So in this blog I want to share with you the ones you have most likely never heard of.

First off Groupme, this app is so helpful to me. Instead of getting a million text messages to your imessage home you can have all your groups in this one app. This app also allows you to have way more members in groups than imessage allows. It is such an easy way to communicate with groups that it makes imessage group chats unbearable. Next I want to discuss the dilema between Lyft and Uber, which are both car services. Now you have to understand that I have used both and know there are advantages and disadvantages to both...however I have to side with lyft on this one. You can easily split rides between everyone you're with and in my opinion the app is much easier to navigate. I also think (maybe it is just my own bias) that Lyft may be cheaper. I recommend trying them both so you know which one you are most comfortable with but I love lyft!

The next app I absolutely SWEAR by is a workout app called Sworkit. It is one hundred percent PERFECT for anyone who travels. Sworkit is a workout app that allows you to build your own workout. It is made so you are able to complete these workouts at home and it is all your own bodyweight so you don't need any bands or weights. You can also pick the duration of your workout, so if you only have five minutes the app tailors the workout to that. You can also choose from categories such as strength, cardio, yoga or stretching. After you choose one of those it breaks it into even smaller categories for example... if you click on strength, you can choose from full body, upper body, core strength, or lower body. Best thing about it is the app is free… is like your own personal trainer!

Lastly I just want to mention my two favorite photo editing apps. First of all I use Facetune to edit teeth, red eye and you can edit out things you do not want in the background easily, such as a person in the back of a family photo! It is really amazing, unfortunately it is $2.99 but it is totally worth it. After I work my pictures through Facetune and touch them up a bit I like to use the app VSCO which has amazing filters. It can make any picture look like professional photography. You can also lighten, change contrast, saturation and use all those tools on the app. VSCO also has a timeline feature so you can post to your profile, almost like instagram but with no words or captions!

I hope this article encourages you to branch out and explore new apps because there are really some amazing ones out there. More often than not the apps are free which is a great added bonus.

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