May 03, 2016

So ladies. It's often disheartening to hear Moms often say to me that they don't believe they deserve to wear pretty underwear. While being at shows and events and in front of women with all kinds of backgrounds and body shapes while showing our underwear I often hear, "oh, I am a mom now. I don't wear sexy underwear." 

Um. What?


Yes, please stop.  Kids are really perceptive, and they can pick up on feelings. If you feel good, your energy will show, and your kids will be able to tell. It sounds kind of kitschy, but if you treat yourself well, you will feel good and things will just seem better overall. That energy spreads, Mom.

And although, as the title suggests, UrbanUndercover skivvies are not your mother's underwear, they do share the common characteristic of why women seek out "granny panties" - for comfort. Our underwear are so damn comfortable. For reals. And being comfortable is the key to feeling good.  I started this business because I don't think you have to sacrifice comfort for beauty. They go hand in hand. In fact, I think it's comfort that drives beauty.

And part of being comfortable is being clean and dry. Many new mothers (and a lot of other women) deal with incontinence issues, which doesn't translate to feeling pretty. That's where our underwear come in handy. The most comfortable underwear in the world aside, our underwear discreetly roll into the pocket in the waistband, therefore hiding the fact that they are underwear. So, ladies, now you can laugh, sneeze and go about your day. We've got you covered with extra underwear in your purse. (Plus, when you roll the worn underwear back into their pocket and throw them into your bag, they're not going to get your things dirty.)

So Moms out there, try some comfortable underwear that also happen to be pretty, too. You're worth it.


My Mom is awesome, and I thank the stars every day that she is my mom. Over the years she's been nothing but supportive and fun and full of all kinds of good wisdom. There are a lot I will share over this journey of blogging, but my Favorite Mom-ism is, "You only regret the things you don't do." What's your favorite Mom-ism? Comment below.

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Thanks for reading. Happy Mother's Day. 

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