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September 08, 2016

You see, for those of you readers who don't live in a land like Minnesota, which, I must mention, is pretty damn amazing most of the time, I have to tell you about a Minnesota winter. It sucks.* I don't like it. That's a whole 'nother post I probably won't do because it's sad to me, and no one likes reading anything sad, amiright? So I am fighting for summer. Begging for it to stay. Pleading with it. And although I am the eternal optimist, I know it's coming back. I know I am going to lose the battle. At least until sometime after St. Patrick's day of next year. So in the meantime, here are a few things I suggest for you to revel in before what I refer to as "that time" comes. So, Adventure On. 

1: HIT UP THE NEARESET BODY OF WATER (before it freezes)

Row Boat on Lake Calhoun

2: TRY AN OUTDOOR WORKOUT Ocean, lake, river… whatever it may be, summer is made for being by the water. Many places on or near the water close after Labor Day (a lot because they lose their labor due to going back to school) but for those that are still open - hit 'em up.  In Minnesota we live for the lakes and I, for one, plan to take full advantage of any remaining chance I can get to spend time near/on or in the water. And although I love our underwearables, sometimes it's best to go sans-undies. (That's means skinny dip, for those of you not reading between the lines). Totally awesome.

You’ll feel refreshed by switching up your workout and taking it outside. Anyone that knows me knows I am terrible at working out in the sense of going to the gym. (I try, but again, another post, I am just bad at it). But outdoor activities? Bring it on. Paddle boarding is one of my total faves and it's a great core workout (not to mention it get’s you out on the water, see point #1). Yoga in the park is a great way to mentally refresh. And you can always just get out and run (or walk, if you are like me) around your favorite neighborhood or park. Don't forget your dog. They love it, too.


Few things light me up better than live music… unless it’s outdoor live music, of course. If I had more time, I would Google some great spots for you, but for reals - I am running a business plus I have another job, and y'all live in different places anyway. So Google it yourself and just hit up a fall festival somewhere or an early Octoberfest (yes, this is technically "Fall" but if it's 80 degrees, which I am praying for, that's just a technicality, right? It's summer.) Anywho, even if it's "just" a guy with a guitar, which is one of my faves anyway, go sit outside and listen. 


Yes, technically this can, and should, be done all year round - regardless of weather. But when it's nice it's easier to brewery "hop" instead of  brewery "we-planned-to-hop-but-I'm-a-little-tipsy-kinda-hungry-and-really-effen-warm-here-so-let's-just stay". That's all. Go drink. 


Um. Need I say more? Maybe the adventure is brewery "hopping". Just saying. Life is an adventure. Live it.


Again, need I say more? FOOD. TRUCK. Sit outside and chow down. These little mobile culinary masterpieces are mind blowing. 


Start with point #4 that hopefully leads to #5 that might include #3 and hopefully for sure #1 but absolutely #6. Then save #2 for the day after the day after, know-what-I'm-talkin'-bout?

There you go. Adventure on.  Save Summer.

(*note: I like to support the small businesses, though, that run on winter - like the ski and snowboard shops and the snowmobiles. That shit's fun. Support them. But the rest of being cold just sucks.)

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