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June 09, 2017

Life on the go and travel can more often than not be very chaotic. Often times when life gets crazy busy and you are constantly on the go your hair can show it! Especially these days when travel can be such a hassle, on planes, trains, buses and sometimes even boats! All the hustle and bustle can defiantly take a toll on your hair. Even if you are not traveling and are constantly on the go it is hard to find time to do anything with your hair or even to wash your hair! I  especially often find myself stuck trying to figure out what to do with second day hair. While traveling and having an “on the go” lifestyle everyone always wants to be comfortable but who says you can’t be comfortable and have a killer hair do?? I always am torn between taking the time to do my hair before an early flight, and just throwing it up. With these simple hair dos you can look awesome, and feel awesome whether your hair is freshly washed or you have already been through a day of travel!

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