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March 29, 2016


So. We're pretty darn stoked. And that's an understatement. Super damn proud is more like it. And yes, for just a moment, I am going to pat myself on the back. 'Cause did you hear? Well, if not, I'll gladly tell you....

UrbanUndercover was chosen as one of 11 Indie Lingerie Brands Shaking Up the Skivvies Industry. Ah-hem. Yup. That's us. Shakin things up. And for those of you who don't know me, yet, "shaking things up" is one of those traits I've possessed my whole life (more on that in another post).

I should have written about this awhile ago - like November - when the news was published. But alas, I have been terrible at blogging. Truth be told (as well as in the effort of transparency for the amazing people reading this post) I don't have as much time/resources as other brands with deeper pockets. So blogging fell far down on the list of a million priorities.

You see, other brands (not all) can, and are, funding a team to break up the daily duties of running a business. And this, UrbanUndercover - the most comfortable underwear for women -  is funded by you, your purchases (and continual purchases)  as well as with the help of some of my amazing family and friends. It's not backed by Venture Capitalists or Angels. It's backed by my family and friends. It's backed by me. And you. It's the people who believe in our mission and our products. Together we make the "we" I speak of when referencing the brand. "We" are in this together.

SO. This honor by the gals behind {un}covered simply makes me beam every. single. time. Every single time I think about it.  We have a great product lineup. We work hard for it. We believe in it. And I am proud to tell you we're making it. It may be a different path than others, but we're making it. We're really, truly, for sure doing it. Hard as freaking hell. But we're doing it. As long as others believe in us and our mission of outfitting women with confidence in who they are, I will be pushing this brand and it's products along.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to our loyal journey takers. You are making a difference with us. Thank you for making us one of the 11 Indie Designers Shaking Things Up. Keep Shaking. Life is worth it. Totally worth it.

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