Compression Socks

"Take the Trip" true graduated compression socks are not only comfortable, but offer the increased circulation and blood flow by preventing blood from pooling at your feet and instead moving it towards your heart. This increases energy and decreases muscle soreness soreness felt from long flights or walking around cities all day.  15-20 mmhg Compression Level Having true graduated compression means that the compression is strongest at the ankle and gets lighter as it goes up the leg, which allows circulation to improve as you go up the leg. 
S/M  Shoe Size 7-10  Height 5”6” - 5’ 11”  Calf Size 13"-16”
L/XL  Shoe Size 10-13 Height 5’9” - 6’2”  Calf Size 15”-18" 15-20 mmhg is just the right amount of pressure you would need to get the most out of compression when traveling to reduce mild swelling and tired legs. This means that the compression level will not fall below 15mmhg and not exceed 20 mmhg. This unit of measurement is called Milliliters of Mercury which measures pressure.