TowelTopper® Towel Bands


The patent pending TowelTopper® is our Sister Brand of towel bands that wrap around any towel anywhere. Easily portable and great for travel because they take up no room in your bag.

This gender neutral solution will wrap around towels at home, traveling, in the dorm, at the beach, at the spa and anywhere you might wrap in a towel to cover up. It does not attach to the towel, so you can use it over and over. Wrap yourself up after a swim and shimmy out of your wet swimsuit and into dry clothes, all while keeping covered. It will also wrap around the towel you place on your beach chair (to keep it from flapping in the wind or falling down your back) or your car seat (to keep it clean and dry).

A simple solution to a common problem.

*Towel NOT included. That's the point.