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Are you an UrbanUndercover Agent?

UrbanUndercover is committed to equipping women with confidence in their basics so that they can worry about the more important things in life. We represent the active college gals and the busy mothers, the traveling woman, the working woman, the woman who embraces her own style and loves it. A no fuss, easy peasy kind of mentality. That's us.

And we're looking for Ambassadors...or rather, Agents, in our case, that embody our lifestyle. Are you an athlete? A yogi? An avid traveler? A busy mom? A woman of your own unique style? The UrbanUndercover Agent is passionate about living life, exploring opportunities, traveling and being active. If you fall into this category, and would like to help us spread the word, we'd love to hear from you.

Our Agents form a network of woman who believe in functional style and taking care in how you feel.

Women selected to be UrbanUndercover Agents:

  • Are listed on our Agents page with an image and bio. We will link to your blog, website and any other social media pages.
  • Are included as a member of our private Facebook page exclusive to Agents as a way to communicate and connect.
  • Have the opportunity to be a guest blogger or do an Instagram takeover for UrbanUndercover.
  • Test new products and offer opinions and reviews.
  • Have opportunities to participate in exclusive contests and promotions for UrbanUndercover.
We want women who love our products, our lifestyle, our brand and want you to participate when you can. Some options and ways to participate:
  • Place the UrbanUndercover Agents Badge on your blog or website
  • Engage on the UrbanUndercover business and Agents Facebook page
  • Tweet to @UrbanUndies 
  • Chat, chat, chat and spread the word about our products.

How do I become an UrbanUndercover Agent?

Submit an application via the form below. Tell us a little about who you are and why you want to be an Agent. What inspires you? The more we know, the better.

You should receive a response one way or the other within two weeks. We are looking for women who are passionate about what we are doing. We don't require minimums on social media followers, for it's about quality, not quantity.

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Clothing Size Guide


Pant Size NA 0-4 6-10 12-14 NA
Waist in Inches 32-37 38-41 42-44
Waist In Centimeters 91-94 95-104 105-112
Ribcage in Inches 30-32 33-36 37-40
Ribcage in Centimeters 76-82 83-91 91-102