Community means everything to us. We believe in helping one another, standing by each other. In that spirit, we have teamed up with a few brands who share similar values. These values include sustainability, bettering ourselves and the world around us and using the best ingredients for our bodies and the environment. Our goal is to support each other all while bringing you amazing products that enhance whatever journey you are on.


Aprilierre, by Jewelry designer April Barnhart, is a company driven by intention, curiosity and a zero-waste concept. Each piece is hand crafted in Minneapolis with ethically sourced metals and eco-friendly practices. We collaborated with Aprilierre to design our Take the Trip bangle, where the charms look like little luggage tags.

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Our leak resistant, food safe accessory bags are a collaboration with Cheryl Julson, our very first pattern designer. This is a super fun one for us. Cheryl is incredibly talented with an attention to detail like no other. Sewing them herself, by hand, the craftsmanship is impeccable.

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Lauren VanScoy, founded Essence One to bring awareness to mental health through the creation of all-natural aromatherapy products. Crafting products formulated with the best ingredients for you and the environment to create an inspired and less-stressed life. We collaborated with Essence One to make our Travel Clean Spray for hand sanitizer and surface cleaner.

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We wanted to add this product to our collection because #1 it’s a shampoo and a conditioner without any plastic packaging and #2 it happens to be amazing for your hair. We also think #3 it’s run by the most inspiring people. Take it with you on the go in one of our accessory bags with water resistant liners.

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Kathy Kuhl of Nelli Designs hand crafts with only the best ingredients and draws inspiration from our four-legged friends, dogs. Although dogs are Nelli Designs true love and focus, Kathy loves collaborating with other brands to help create candles that reflect their mission. Therefore we teamed up with Nelli Designs to pour our Traveler Candle + Lotion for us. No dogs were harmed in the process. In fact, many, many, many were hugged.

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