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March 15, 2020

As a travel brand, we believe it is our responsibility to travel consciously, learn from each other and treat each other and the environment with kindness and care. That becomes even more important at a time such as this, with the worldwide spread of the Coronavirus. We believe that this time can actually be used to further our mission to unite, to realize how alike we actually are as human beings, and to fight together towards common goals; stopping the spread of the virus, finding a cure, and reinforcing our economies across the globe. Asking a brand that is based on the power of human connection to “social distance” goes against our nature. However, we have a responsibility to do whatever we can to help.

First I want to send condolences to all those affected by this awful Coronavirus in any way. My heart literally hurts for you.

And I want to say thanks and send good thoughts and hope to those men and women on the front lines in healthcare, schools, nursing homes and public safety. There are many of you that can not self quarantine and are, instead, working to help your communities. You face an extra set of challenges and our team is grateful for you. Thank you.

All of this has me, like many of you, very anxious and unsettled. Something I am not used to. It’s a time of unknowns. There is no road map for small business, and there definitely isn’t an appendix for what to do in a situation such as this. And as one navigating how to grow a business, to be thrown something like this is a bit of a challenge; what to do for your team? for your customers? for your community? and how to stay afloat to make it to the other side?

For many directives regarding public and community safety, we are turning to our leaders with more information and the experts in health. We are following not only common sense practices for overall safety, but those recommended by the CDC and other specialists. For the plan in business, we are navigating the waters on the fly and hoping we are making the right choices. We are going to continue to try to do the best we can for our fellow travel loving community.

Therefore, we have instituted the following in an effort to do our best to slow, and hopefully stop, the spread of the virus:

  • We have no scheduled events for the next 30 days.
  • Our Six for Good store in Rosedale Mall, with five other amazing women in business, will be closed today and reopen in April. This happened to be fortunately timed with a relocation within the mall.
  • Our MSP Airport location, for the time being, is continuing operations and will follow the directive of the Metropolitan Airport Commission, who is monitoring this all very closely. We normally run on limited staff as it is a small store and have made accommodations for those with concerns.
  • Although we pride ourselves on cleanliness, we have stepped up our efforts in wiping down and sanitizing everything repeatedly - after every use, either employee or customer - both in store and at our office.
  • Those that can work remotely are doing so. We have a very small, but amazingly mighty team, for whom I am over-the-moon grateful. And everyone is doing their best to help not only each other and our community of travelers, but our small business, as well. No way I could weather this storm without them.

WE ARE STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS. And your support has meant everything to us. We need our communities now more than ever. UrbanUndercover has found its home in the travel industry, which is among the hardest hit in this crazy time. And as one of the retail entities inside a major international airport, we are feeling the effects. So in an effort to keep business afloat, we have implemented the following:

  • We will be offering FREE SHIPPING in the US on all of our products from now until the end of April. No minimums required. This is true on both UrbanUndercover.com and TowelTopper.com.
  • We will be stepping up our Social Media and online marketing efforts. Please stay tuned for other fun things to come your way as we test our creativity here.
  • We have people available for questions/concerns and for help placing orders online, via email or phone. Please contact us at imagine@sgdstyle.com or call 612-806-0350.

In addition, we also want to send out a plea to support other local small businesses and restaurants. Wednesday has been declared by a friend #NationalTakeoutWednesday. Order and pick up or grab a gift certificate. These dollars are crazy helpful always, but especially in this storm and for what is yet to come. Together we can all make it.

And we can’t Thank You enough for your continued support and trust in us (and for reading my crazy long email). We are doing our best and look forward to the future of travel; when people are freely able to experience the goodness of the world at large again. We are firm believers in positivity and that this shall pass, but we need to stick together.

Happy Travels Ahead, 

Sairey Signature 

Sairey Gernes
Founder & Chief Idea Generator