Since the beginning of our brand journey we have referred to ourselves as “Everyday Travel”. This is because we believe life is an adventure, and every day holds all kinds of possibility. Shouldn’t we be ready for it? Therefore, we aim to create high quality, long lasting products that our community can wear and love wherever, whenever. We started with underwear, truly an everyday item, purposely designed to roll up compact and discreet so they keep your drawers neat and your luggage clean and organized. We have since expanded to other clothing and accessories that are meant for everything from Home to Hanoi and everywhere between.

As seasonless minimalists, we believe in having less -- in your closets and your carry-on. We are selective about the pieces we design and thoughtful about their purpose. Each design should have some versatility in style as well as the ability to last, wear after wear, wash after wash. We believe in limiting “things” to create “space” for both a better global environment and human experience.

Travel isn’t a destination, but a mindset, whether near or far. To travel is to open your eyes to new ideas, new experiences and new people.


Every day is a journey and so many ways to adventure. Whether near or far, we’re conscious of designing pieces that make you comfortable to conquer anything while still maintaining your style. That’s confidence!

We want to encourage that exploration and human connection, but understand it requires stepping out of your routines and comfort zones. You need to feel confident to do this, but we understand you don’t feel confident unless you feel good and you don’t feel good unless you feel both comfortable and like you look good. So near or far, we’re conscious of designing pieces that make you feel confident by making you comfortable and embracing your style.


Using eco-friendly, soft, drapey fabrics that make you feel amazing in what you are wearing and why.



Designed by travellers who understand the demands of travel and the need for quality, durability, versatility and style.



Making the most informed decisions on fabrics, factories and processes and learning as we grow how to be better.


Travel builds storytellers, your clothes can do the same. You are conscious about the food you put in your mouth, you should be conscious about the clothing you put on your body.