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UrbanUndercover Underwear - Undercover Underwear




As your go-to staples for your go-anywhere lifestyle, UrbanUndercover underwear are designed to take you from coffee to cocktails, from the barre to the bar and from Texas to Tahiti. Each pair tucks into a pocket discreetly placed on the inside of the waistband in the back. Wear a pair and throw an extra pair in any bag, beach, gym, purse, carry-on, etc. Change into fresh undies, roll up the worn pair (ya know, to keep anything they touch clean), throw ’em in your bag and off you go, worry free. You’ll always be prepared for whatever adventure awaits.

There are two flaps – one that says “let’s go” and one that says “nope”. Fold ’em one way when they are clean and another when they are dirty. You’ll never have to try to figure it out when traveling again...ahem*...avoid what we refer to as "underwear roulette".