Our Story

Be Kind.



We believe the most sexy trait someone can own is confidence.
We believe you don't feel confident unless you feel good,
And you don't feel good unless you feel comfortable.
Therefore, we believe, you better be comfortable.
We believe having less let's you experience more,
So we believe in versatile not-so-basic basics & cross functional pieces.
We believe in quality.
We believe in form and function.
We believe in doing things differently; owning your own story.
We believe there are guidelines, not rules.
We believe in adventure.


A Note From the Idea Generator.

When I told my friends I was going to start designing and selling underwear, our first product, they laughed at me and thought I was joking. Although I had been inventing things all my life, underwear wasn't on their radar. They reminded me I didn't wear underwear. And then I reminded them, I didn't wear it because I couldn't find any that fit me - that I felt amazing wearing. Side note...I am only a size 12. They say that's the "average". So why couldn't I find anything that fit? That was wrong. So wrong. And I knew I couldn't be the only one. So I set out to design and manufacture the most comfortable, yet beautiful and well made underwear on the market. And since we were designing the best underwear, why not make them easy to throw in any bag, undercover. For every woman with a busy lifestyle knows, there's always a need for extra underwear.

It began with Sairey & Cheryl, the creator and the technical designer who believed in her. We've grown our team to include some of the most amazing people (because life is about surrounding yourself with those who inspire you and make you want to be better). We believe you can't do it alone, and thank goodness for the team we have. And along the way we have met, been inspired and influenced by and had the privilege of working with some of the most amazing people. We didn't have room to mention them all, but wow, thank you to those who believed in us.
We design with comfort and beauty to inspire confidence, because we believe confidence is the most beautiful trait in a woman. But it is our belief that you don't feel confident unless you feel good and you don't feel good unless you feel comfortable. Start the day with amazing underwear, so you feel good in your foundations, and bring along a spare pair, you know, for "just in case". It's all about confidence.
"Make the best Better." These are words we design by, we live by. We strive to make and do everything we do, better. We design our products with better fit, better function, better look and better feel. We seek to better ourselves, our intentions, our dreams and our lives. We believe sparkle is added to your life with amazing friends, good music, great food, travel and connecting with others...oh, and glitter. We encourage everyone to Be Better.