the undies

Because you have more important things to think about minute to minute, we stressed over the details of your foundations so you don't have to. UrbanUndercover gives you the confidence to go about your day to day business feeling confident; no worrying about your underwear riding up or causing extra lumps and bumps. And we've all been there, wishing we could change our underwear for one reason or another. It may be you miscalculated the time of the month or you are going from work to dinner; whatever the reason, changing your underwear would be a relief. But carrying an extra pair hasn't always been an easy thing to do... until now.
Our patented underwear roll into a pocket allowing you to throw an extra pair, undercover, into any purse, work, gym, travel or day bag to change into whenever needed. Because, let's face it, changing your underwear is like brushing your teeth. You feel clean, refreshed and ready for the next adventure. 


 And there's a perk. The design creates a pocket, when unrolled, that sits in the small of your back. So now you have a place to stash your secret necessities. Think about it...a wipe when you need one, a tampon just in case, cash when you are traveling, ID or lipgloss. Genius, you say? Yup. We think so. Some other ideas:


& whatever other small items you want to carry with you.