UrbanUndercover Benefits


We thought about your underwear so you don't have to. An assumed simple garment is actually quite complex in how we feel about ourselves. If your underwear are causing you problems, it's likely that you're not thinking about what you should (or would rather be) concentrating on. So we set out to design underwear that are feminine and sensual, yet relaxed and easy to wear. These everyday luxe staples, chic, timeless and versatile, are your go-to for your go-anywhere lifestyle. With carefully thought out patterns and styles matched with equally labored over fit, our products are elegant and sophisticated, yet ready to play - just like the women who don them.

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But we didn't stop there. The women we design for appreciate and value individuality, comfort and intention not only in their clothing and accessories, but in their overall life. Our underwear are multifunctional, designed to not only to move with you as you wear them - hugging your body without pinching, bunching or unnecessary lines - but they are literally made to move with you, from one place to another, discreetly disguised in a little bundle, tucked in your bag as you go about your busy day. As women with active lifestyles, on the go from work to yoga to dinner and more, we need simple, effortless and quality products that make us feel good and add flexibility to our life and style. From the bedroom to the boardroom, we're ensuring comfort you can wear all day, every day, and boosting confidence in knowing you have a back up pair of undies.

And there's yet another perk. The design of the pocket not only allows for the underwear to fold into themselves, making them easily travel ready and keeping your lingerie drawer clutter free, but when wearing the undies the pocket lends itself as a place to stash emergency cash, a compact tampon, individually packed towelettes or other safety items. Pretty genius.