Wheels Up Compression Socks

Welcome to a new kind of travel compression socks. Wheels Up Compression Socks are graduated comfort for long flights or a full day of walking or standing on your feet. Comes in two sizes with reinforced heels and toes and a comfort band at the top.
213 Machine wash and dry

15-20 mmhg Compression Levelis just the right amount of pressure you would need to get the most out of compression when traveling to reduce mild swelling and tired legs. This means that the compression level will not fall below 15mmhg and not exceed 20 mmhg. This unit of measurement is called Milliliters of Mercury which measures pressure.

Having true graduated compression means that the compression is strongest at the ankle and gets lighter as it goes up the leg, which allows circulation to improve as you go up the leg. 

"There's a whole world at your feet." - Mary Poppins