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The TowelTopper® towel band is an ideal travel companion as it will turn any hotel towel into a robe. It is a decorative band made of elastic, webbing and industrial hook and loop that travels compact and wraps around the hotel towel you wrap around your body. Also, take it on the cruise or to the beach for your beach towel. Can be used to wrap around the towel on your lounge chair to secure it from falling down your back.

Not only is it compact and travels well, it also has a loop at the top for easy hanging anywhere you go. (Guys, we also call this a “quick release” – just grab and yank and down goes the towel -we didn’t forget about you.).

Note: all our items are adventure approved, but they're fantastic for everyday, too. Use it in your dorm, at the spa, at the gym and at home. No more flashing the neighbors, unless you’re into that sort of thing.