Everyday Basics. But Better.

At UrbanUndercover we've set out with a mission to redefine your everyday basics so they fit, feel and function better for women, especially women with busy on-the-go lifestyles. Our Undercover Undies are not only extremely comfortable, but because of the patented design allowing them to roll into themselves (thus disguising them as underwear) they revolutionize the idea of basic underwear. The design allows for the ability to carry a them discreetly in any bag or suitcase, not to mention keeping your lingerie drawer neat. We're equipping women with confidence because they feel good in their foundations, but we are also equipping them with confidence because with an undercover spare pair in their purse, they are prepared for any circumstance that might call for a change of undies (think miscalculation on the calendar, after a hot workout, an unexpected sleepover or sometimes even just after laugh or sneeze). And with their quick drying fabrics and "clean" and "dirty" flaps, these are your ideal undies with which to travel.
Many intimate apparel companies have robes, but in keeping with our improvements on your everyday basics, we developed the TowelTopper; bands that wrap around any towel anywhere to turn it into a robe. A no brainer, especially for the gym, the dorm, the spa or hotel. Taking up no space in your bag or suitcase, this is a perfect on the go accessory.
Go. Have fun. Be Confident. We've got you covered.



Because we are dreamers ourselves, we fully believe in the American Dream. We believe in keeping as much of our manufacturing here in the US as possible, to support other dreamers and providing work. Plus, we are dedicated to our products being the best possible quality, and maintaining manufacturing here helps us hone in on that commitment.

Everyday Comfort, Style & Function easily on the go.

At the core of our brand we believe that confidence is the most beautiful trait. But you don't feel confident unless you feel good and you don't feel good if you don't feel comfortable. So we design with equal emphasis on comfort, quality, style and function. All our basics function better to make your life easier, which is especially important for today's on the go lifestyle. Look good. Feel good. Be prepared. Be confident.